Google Cloud Platform for Developers: Building Highly Scalable, Resilient Web Services with the Power of Google Cloud

Develop, deploy and scale your applications with one of the upcoming Cloud platformKey FeaturesTake advantage of the upcoming Cloud platform to build highly scalable and reliable applications.Learn to create, deploy, and manage your applications on Google Cloud Platform.Use Google Cloud Plugins and IDEs to store and manage source codes and view real-time debugging of your Cloud-hosted applicationsStreamline developer workflows with Google Cloud tooling for real time debugging, alerting, and managed deployments.Book DescriptionThe Google Cloud Platform provides auto-scaling compute power and distributed in-memory cache, task queues and datastores to write, build, and deploy Cloud-hosted applications.With this book you will be able to develop and deploy scalable applications from scratch and make it globally available with almost any language. This book will teach you to desing, deploy, and manage applications running on Google Cloud. You'll start with App Engine and move to Container Engine, Compute Engine, and Cloud Functions. After that you'll learn how to integrate your new applications with the various data solutions on GCP including Datastore, Cloud SQL, BigTable, and Cloud Storage. Next this book will teach you how to streamline your workflow with tools like Source Repositories, Container Builder, StackDriver, and Deployment Manager. Along the way you'll learn how to deploy and debug services with Intellij, implement continuous delivery pipelines, and configure robust monitoring and alerting for your production systems.By the end of this book, you will be well-versed with all the development tools of the Google Cloud Platform and will be able to develop, deploy, and manage highly scalable and reliable applications.What you will learnGain a deep understanding of the various service offerings on GCP and when to use themDeploy and run services on managed platforms such as App Engine and Container Engine.Securely maintain application state with Cloud SQL, Cloud Storage, Datastore, and Bigtable.Leverage StackDriver monitoring and debugging to minimize downtime and mitigate issues without impacting users.Design and implement complex software solutions utilizing the full power of Google Cloud.Integrate with best-in-class Big Data solutions such as Bigquery, Dataflow, and Pub/Sub.Who This Book Is ForThis book is aimed at Software developers and DevOps engineers who want to get their hands on developing applications for one of the upcoming Cloud platforms.Some programming experience would be needed.

Author: Ted Hunter

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