GitLab Repository Management

Manage your development projects and human resources with utmost efficiency using GitLab. This tutorial shows you how, covering everything from installation and configuration to team building. Overview Understand how to efficiently track and manage projects Establish teams with a fast software developing tool Employ teams constructively in a GitLab environment In Detail GitLab is a great tool suite used to develop software quickly, safely, and efficiently. Watch your developers get into a productive loop within your own network! Code Version Control is now easy to administer and fast to set up with the help of GitLab. Starting with the installation of GitLab, GitLab Repository Management will guide you through learning how to use permission management and other features, such as issue tracking and wikis. You will get a look at the technology that drives this open source project and learn how to connect it with your infrastructure. This guide will show you how to use GitLab as a primary tool for version control, collaboration, and issue tracking. It will make you a capable maintainer and give you an understanding of how to make the most of this tool. Building efficient teams of developers will change the outcome for the better, as you decide who to put in charge and whose access you can restrict. Keeping your code safe while being open to feedback, is the key to making your products something that your users will love. Documenting large projects can be challenging, but you will learn how to overcome these challenges using GitLab's built-in wiki functionality. What you will learn from this book Install GitLab on a Linux system with commands for Debian or Ubuntu, with the support of other distributions Configure GitLab for your needs and infrastructure Manage users inside GitLab, while securing your code Document your code with the built-in wikis, getting the whole team up to speed Use the built-in issue tracker to respond to feature requests and bugs quickly Create useful teams that can collaborate and control access across projects Update GitLab with the newest features Get to know the community and know where to turn if you run into trouble Approach A simple, easy to understand tutorial guide on how to build teams and efficiently use version control, using GitLab. Who this book is written for If you are a system administrator in a company that writes software or are in charge of an infrastructure, this book will show you the most important features of GitLab, including how to speed up the overall process.

Author: Jonathan M. Hethey

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