Getting to Know Splunk (Predicting Security Threats with Splunk Book 1)

Have you ever heard of Big Data Analytics as a means for Malware Threats prevention?If not, then this is the right book for you!In this first book of the series "Predicting Security Threats with Splunk", you'll be introduced to Security Data Science, the emerging topic of IT Security, implemented with Splunk, the most prominent platform for Predictive Security!As the complexity of organizations increases, new challenges arise when it comes to preventing security threats.There is an undiscussed need for new proactive approaches in detecting potential security threats, to complement the traditional static analysis; in fact, threat signals might be intercepted by simply listening to network traffic, putting in place Introusion Detection Systems, stateful inspection, etc, by implementing appropriate hardware and software solutions.However, in order to gain a complete and wider picture about what’s going on, we need a different “holistic” mindset, achieved by leveraging on heterogeneous sources of information: that’s what Big Data solutions, such as Splunk, are meant for.

Author: Hacking Wisdom

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