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Imagine if you could earn income online, make money in your spare time, and... •work when you want, where you want •make your own schedule •have extra money to pamper yourself •take time off whenever you wish, without having to ask anyone for permission •earn many times the minimum hourly wage without ever having to get dressed or travel to work This book will teach you a method for achieving these benefits and more! This book targets newcomers to SEO writing. Whether English is not your first language and you are looking to improve your writing skills, or you are wanting to earn some extra income, this book provides you with the tools for success. This book is different than other introductory SEO writing books. I am a university writing professor, and I offer you my time in helping you achieve your goals. By using your original SEO material that you will learn to create in this book, our team of experts at Pro English Writers will provide you valuable feedback on your writing. In exchange, we will post relevant submissions on our website ( This is included as a perk in addition to learning valuable skills in this book! This book describes basic terminology used in SEO writing, the key features of SEO writing that will impress your clients, and outline a writing system that works. We even include a sample article for you to review important steps through this process.

Author: James DA Young

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