Fundamentals of Information Studies: Understanding Information and Its Environment, Second Edition

Lester and Koehler have vastly revised and expanded this brand new edition of the first textbook geared towards undergraduate information studies to approach the field from a multidisciplinary perspective. The book s fourteen chapters begin with The Impact of Information in Society and Fundamental Concepts of Information ; look at The Information Professions and The Impact of Information Cultures and Societies ; and conclude with Information Ethics and Information Futures. Appropriate emphasis is placed throughout on the history and development of information technology. Every chapter has been thoroughly updated and revised. Expansions include two whole new chapters, one on user behavior and the second on information, power, and society; five other chapters have been substantially expanded. In addition, the authors have added two new features: A Learning Guide precedes each chapter and an Information Idea draws a;ention to the application of the chapter s concepts in the real world.

Author: June Lester

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