Free Google: Free SEO, Social Media, and AdWords Resources from Google for Small Business Marketing

A Cornucopia of Free Google Resources Google is the world's largest search engine, and a critical place to be found by your customers and potential customers. Even better the search giant produces a wealth of FREE resources for small business, ranging from free websites to free email alerts to free learning resources. For example, Google produces a free guide to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which is the art and science of getting your company to the top of Google's organic listings. But do you know where it is? Similarly, in Google's Webmaster Tools, the company provides a wealth of tools and resources for the small business Web marketer to optimize his or her website, but finding Webmaster Tools and then utilizing it effectively are not easy. Even more esoteric are learning resources for Google Analytics, free tools like Google PageSpeed, and other esoteric but helpful hidden gems from deep inside the Googleplex. This is your 'insider' 'ultimate' guide to everything by Google about Google for small business marketers! Google's Left and Right Hands Quite frankly, the left and the right hand at Google don't talk to each other! Google may produce a wonderful learning resource for Google Analytics (which it does) but then fail to connect this easily to the Analytics interface. The Google blog on Webmaster Tools doesn't tell you where Webmaster University is, and even AdWords (Google's paid advertising system) is guilty of this sin. Many of the best AdWords resources are hidden in the Googleplex! With this book, however, you can FIND the hidden resources of Google! Free Google: Your Guide to Everything Free at Google Yes, you could spend hours researching and finding these resources on Google yourself. Yes, they are all freely available to the general public. But do you have that kind of time? Do you know where to look? (We didn't think so). Let SEO expert, Jason McDonald, be your guide through the Google maze - saving you time and money, and enlightening you to the myriad ways that Google makes your marketing not just easy but free. Topics Covered on Google: SEO, AdWords, and Social Media Here are the topics covered, all with an eye to identifying and explaining the powerful free resources by Google about Google - SEO - Search Engine Optimization resources AdWords - Tips, Tools, and Tricks to be better at Google AdWords Google Analytics - learn how to leverage the Gooogle Analytics platform to understand your Web traffic. Social Media - find Google on Twitter, Google on Google+, Google on Facebook, and Google on YouTube And more and more and more. A wealth of esoteric but fun Google resources like Google Page Speed. Got Questions About the Book? Got questions? Just Google 'Jason McDonald' or 'JM Internet Group,' and send us a question. We're happy to answer any questions before you buy this inexpensive but incredibly valuable guide to Google's resources for SEO, AdWords, and Social Media Marketing!

Author: Jason McDonald

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