Foundations for Architecting Data Solutions: Managing Successful Data Projects

Foundations for Architecting Data Solutions provides everyone from CIOs and COOs to lead architects and lead developers with the fundamental concepts of big data development. Authors Ted Malaska and Jonathan Seidman guide you through all the major components necessary to start, architect, and develop successful big data projects.This practical book covers a variety of different big data architectures and applications, from massive data pipelines to web scale applications. Each chapter addresses a different part of the software development life cycle and identifies patterns that build on one another to maximize success throughout the life of your project.You’ll learn how to:Build a Big Data center of excellence in your company for the first timeIdentify and manage risk in your data projectRetain and motivate teams to increase engagement and innovationMaximize Big Data ROI and align cost structure to help your company attain success

Author: Ted Malaska

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