Fast track SEO course: All you need to grab a slice of Google’s action

Isn’t it time you stopped wondering about SEO and started doing it?If you’ve ever stared at Google’s search results and wondered why you’re not there – then this SEO course is for you.•It assumes no prior knowledge at all.•No digital skills.•No marketing experience.•No technical wizardry.All you need bring to the table is the desire to succeed.Maybe you have your own business, online or otherwise? It could be you’re looking to break into digital marketing? Or a blogger wondering where all your readers are?Hey, perhaps you just want to know what all the fuss is about.By the end of this book’s SEO course you will:•Understand the benefits that SEO can offer you.•Appreciate how the search landscape is changing – from the way Google ranks your website to the way its results pages work.•Know exactly what ranking factors are used – and how you can use these to your advantage.•Realise the ways you can gain competitive advantage by making simple changes.•Recognise how social media and SEO benefit each other.•Grasp the critical importance of securing links from other sites to improve your search positions.•And be armed with 221 actionable ways you can get these links without incurring a penalty.•While triggering your business for local searches looking for your products or services.You will not only 'get' SEO but you will also have plenty of tips, tactics and strategies to get your place on those search pages. Because the true SEO secret is this: it's not that hard!The problem with most SEO courses is this:They are either too basic to be of use, or too technical to be used.This is an SEO course that is different. It will not intimidate you, but it won’t patronise you either. It will make sure that everything you need to optimise your site is easy to find and understand.And it will make sure you know exactly how to do it. Quick quizzes, hundreds of takeaway tips and plenty of advice that you can put into action today. There's even a couple of (bad) jokes along the way!Chatty, irreverent but never less than essential, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of how to boost your online presence – and reap the rewards.Get the lowdown on:The search landscape•Black hat and white hat SEO•How do search engines work?•What do search engines want?•Google’s ranking factors•How to read a search engine’s results page•How SEO has changed: Pandas, Penguins, semantics and MobilegeddonKeyword research•The long tail•Finding keywords•How to understand your search competitionOn-page optimisation•URLs•Meta titles and descriptions•Meta robots and robots.txt•Open Graph and Twitter cards•Duplicate content•Heading tags•Keyword usage•Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI)•The Knowledge Graph•Schema markup•Quality content•Readability•Site structure, internal links and content hubs•Status Codes•External links•Images, videos and infographics•Page speed•Mobile-friendly sites•SitemapsOff-page optimisation •Social signals and correlations•Understanding backlinks•PageRank•Toxic links•Link authority and trust•Link relevancy•Anchor text and link context•Follow and nofollow links•Link building and link earning•The irresistible rise of content marketing•21 ways to build and earn links like a bossLocal SEO and the rise of the mobile•What’s so different about local?•How to optimise your site for local search•What are the ranking factors for local SEO?SEO influencers, tools and resources •Influencers – follow the SEO dream team of influencers•Get yourself tooled up – these essential, mostly free, tools•Online SEO guides – the best out thereThere’s a lot there.But don’t worry – we take it easy and keep everything conversational.Enjoy the course – you are going to love the results!

Author: Mat Fidge

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