Everybody’s Doing It: Advertising Redefined by SEO Expert Kellen Kautzman

The word advertise comes from the Latin "advertere", which means "to turn toward". Anything you do that causes someone to look at, listen to, or consider you is an advertisement. SEO, pay per click, website development, and social media are all simply modern-day outlets for you to advertise. Luckily you've been advertising your entire life. From cradle to grave, we reach out for people's attention, and those of us that master it wield incredible power, not only financially but in our relationships as well. Everybody's Doing It guides you through the world of Internet marketing, getting you up to speed and ready to advertise effectively by applying your inherent advertising abilities to the Internet age. Key concepts from Everybody's Doing It include: With the rise of artificial intelligence, we know that evidence online is key. Continue to create content and prove that you are an authority by the consistent production of videos, blogs, and photos shared on your site and then through the appropriate social media channels. When looking to rank well in search engines, know that you are entering into a competition with others that are striving for those same high rankings. Treat this endeavor just as you would a tournament. To rank well requires grit, tenacity, and determination. This is an ongoing battle. No organization that you hire can do what you can. As the business owner, founder, or entrepreneur, your relationships with your clients have a direct impact on the business. Take behind-the-scenes pictures. Get in front of the camera. Ask your clients for reviews. Pursue media opportunities wherever they may lie. From local TV shows to podcasts, actively pursue authority in your industry through appearances on shows. At the very least, you will get a link to your website from it.

Author: Kellen Kautzman

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