Enterprise Content Management Technology: What You Need to Know

Authored by Tom Jenkins, the book explores the quality controls and productivity enhancements experienced when an organization uses the latest in secure Internet technology to deploy an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution. As a market, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) represents a critical new stage in the advance of the information age. It describes both a philosophical approach and the underlying technologies used to help businesses transform their content into competitive advantage. Enterprise Content Management: What you need to know focuses on another topical area of concern for organizations in many industries: corporate governance and regulatory compliance. Recent legislation (such as Sarbanes-Oxley, the Patriot Act and Basel II compliance) will affect many organizations throughout the world and has placed governance at the top of management agenda. In a business climate that demands structure and control, ECM creates a safe and transparent environment for organizations to foster innovation and growth. ECM leverages the power of the Internet to transform the way people interact. It creates secure and regulated environments, ensuring that protected content remains behind closed doors. At the same time, ECM unlocks the true potential of the enterprise by enabling people to transform content into knowledge, creating new possibilities and business opportunities. Enterprise Content Management: What you need to know is a must-read for executives interested in managing content to achieve compliance, improve productivity, and foster innovation and future growth.

Author: Tom Jenkins

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