Electronic Commerce: Principles and Practice

This four-part overview of electronic commerce offers a more thorough and technical view of the subject than many recent books on the subject. The book provides a balance of theories, applications, and hands-on material. It is divided into four parts: Electronic Commerce Basics, Electronic Commerce Supporting Activities, Implementation and Management Issues in Electronic Commerce, and Appendix and Glossary.The book's chapters begin with introductions of leading companies with significant e-commerce expertise and at least two small case studies. They include 10 or more hands-on exercises, encouraging readers to explore and analyze sites, and a list of key terms and bibliographic citations. They conclude with 25-30 review questions and 6-10 projects for further investigation. *Offers a generalist's overview of the field and its major players for people with little or no technical background*Every chapter starts with an industry profile and two information boxes, which serve as case studies and point to practical applications *Projects and hands-on exercises conclude each chapter

Author: Hossein Bidgoli

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