ECOMMERCE SEO SECRETS: How To Create A Stampede of Non-Stop, Ultra-Targeted Traffic To Your Online Store (SCALE UP)

I wrote this book for one reason and one reason only: to WAKE UP everybody who is serious about scaling up their Ecommerce business by using SEO. This book contains the introduction to my 6 Step Ecommerce SEO Formula that I’ve developed to help Ecommerce businesses become more successful and make more money. This formula is backed up by my 20+ years of online marketing experience and over 10 years of in-depth concentration on Ecommerce SEO. The 6 steps of my proven Ecommerce SEO Formula will give you all the insights and knowledge to take your Ecommerce busi- ness to the next level, and dramatically increase your traffic and sales by applying proven Ecommerce SEO strategies.

Author: Harold F. Rich

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