Easywebsite101: Step-By-Step Web Design & SEO By A High Ranking Retail Website Owner

SEO & Web Design book written by an ACTUAL HIGH RANKING SMALL BUSINESS RETAIL WEBSITE OWNER (with proof)!! --- Easywebsite101 shows you step by step how to create and optimize your own website so that it ranks high in the Google, Yahoo and all other search engines like my own retail website. --- Unlike all other SEO & web design books, Easywebsite101 shows you actual examples that you can check right now. If you go to my website at Easywebsite101.com, you will see videos that show how small business websites rank high in the natural search results of Google, Yahoo, etc. for dozens of main keywords. --- Easywebsite101 works in simple and small steps. (1) First, I explain to you the "Why" and "What" using high ranking websites as example. (2) Next, I show you which buttons to press and how to do it. I wrote the book as if I sat beside you and show you everything in very small steps. (3) Finally, I show you how to manage your own website so that it stays high in the search engines without spending any money on PPC's or SEO crooks. --- Most SEO companies and books are either banned by the search engines or are so useless that they need to rely on PPC's to rank high. After wasting over 5 years and thousands of dollars, I taught myself how to have a high ranking website in the natural search results on Google, Yahoo and elsewhere. For the last couple of years, I have been sharing my simple techniques with others and it is their and my own successes that has inspired me to write my book. If you are serious about creating and optimizing your own website, watch the videos in my website and check the results for yourself. Unlike all of the so-called "SEO Experts", I actually do have a high ranking retail website and I can prove it!!

Author: Mike Panah

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