E-Commerce and Mobile Commerce Technologies

Section A: Basic Of E-Commerce And Its Application 1. Introduction To E-Commerce 2. Business Models Of E-Commerce 3. B2B E-Commerce And Edi 4. Business Applications Of E-Commerce Section B: Technologies For E-Commerce 5. E-Commerce Technology 6. Electronic Payment Systems 7. Security Issues In E-Commerce 8. Role Of Social Media In E-Commerce Industry Section C: M-Commerce And Its Implementation 9. Mobile Commerce And Wap 10. Mobile Commerce Risk, Security And Payments Methods 11. Mobile Money-Infrastructure And Fraud Prevention For M-Payment Section D: Legal Issues 12. Legal And Ethical Issues 13. Cyber Laws 14. Webhosting Section E: Online Marketing And Website Designing 16. Search Engine Optimization (Seo) 17. Tools For Website Design Section F: Security Issues In E-Commerce 18. Few Security Guidelines For Developing E-Commerce Applications 19. E-Commerce Testing Process Section G: Current Trends In E-Commerce 20. Current Trends In Electronic World

Author: Saurabh Shukla

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