Docker on Amazon Web Services: Harness the power of Docker and Amazon Web Services to build, deploy and manage applications at scale

Run Docker on AWS and build real world secure and scalable container platforms in the cloudKey FeaturesConfiguring Docker for ECS environment;Integrating Docker with different AWS services;Implementing Container networking and deployment at scale.Book DescriptionDocker, by far has been one of the top used tools for containerization. Since the migration of infrastructure towards cloud, use of Docker on cloud platforms is slowly becoming the need of the hour.You will get started learning the basics of containers, Docker and AWS, and then proceed to install Docker on your local machine, setup an AWS account, and establish access to your account. We will then deep dive into the Elastic Container Service, the native container management platform provided by AWS, which simplifies management and operation of your Docker clusters and applications for no additional cost over above your infrastructure usage. We will solve key operational challenges including secrets management and auto scaling your infrastructure and applications, and finally learn about alternative strategies for deploying and running your Docker applications on AWS, including Fargate, Elastic Beanstalk and Docker Swarm.By the end of this book you will have an advanced understanding of running Docker in AWS and be able to build real world secure and scalable container platforms in the cloud.What you will learnUnderstand how to build, deploy and operate Docker applications using AWSGain a deep understanding of how to design, deploy and operate Docker applications running on Elastic Container Service, the flagship container orchestration platform offered by AWSLearn how to solve key operational challenges such as secrets management, infrastructure lifecycle management and auto scalingLeverage the powerful capabilities and tight integration of other AWS servicesDeploy Docker applications quickly, consistently and reliably using infrastructure as codeWho This Book Is ForThis book is targeted at anybody who wants to build, deploy and operate applications using the power of containers, Docker and Amazon Web Services. Whether you are a developer who wants to understand more how to package and deploy your container applications, an operations engineer who is responsible for deploying and operating containers, or an architect looking to understand best practices and solutions for architecting and designing robust container platforms in the cloud, this book will provide you with the knowledge to leverage the power of Docker and the rich ecosystem of AWS services to scale and deliver your applications faster, more securely and with greater reliability.Readers ideally should have a basic understanding of containers and have worked with Amazon Web Services or another cloud provider, although no previous experience with containers or AWS is absolutely required.About the AuthorJustin Menga is a full stack technologist with over 20 years experience working with organizations to build large scale applications and platforms, with a focus on end-to¬-end application architecture, cloud, continuous delivery, and infrastructure automation. Justin started his career as an infrastructure and network engineer/architect, working with many large enterprise and service provider customers. In the past five years, Justin has switched his focus to building applications and full-service platforms, working with a wide array of technologies, yet still maintaining and applying his prior infrastructure and network expertise. He has programmed in Objective C, C#, ASP .NET, JavaScript, Scala, Python, Java and Go and has a keen interest in continuous delivery, Docker, and automation tools that speed the path from development to production.

Author: Justin Menga

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