Docker for Serverless Applications

Key FeaturesImplement containerization in serverless environmentUtilise Docker as functional unit of works for Serverless FrameworksUse Docker as a portable infrastructure for Serverless ApplicationsBook DescriptionServerless applications has gained a lot of popularity among developers and is currently the buzz-word in the tech market.Docker and Serverless are two terms which go exactly hand-in-hand.This book will initially start with explaning the concept of Serverless architecture and development, and why it is important. Then we will introduce the concept of containerization and how Docker fits into the Serverless ideology. We will also cover all the concepts of Function-as-a Service framework with practical use cases followed by deploying and orchestrating these serverless functions using Docker.By the end of this book, you will be in a position to build a Function-as-a-Service platform using Docker.What you will learnLearn what is Serverless or Function-as-a-Service applicationsGet acquainted with the architecture of a Serverless systemExplore how Docker technologies could help developing Serverless ApplicationsCreate and maintain FaaS infrastructuresSetup Docker infrastructure to serve on-premise FaaS infrastructuresDefine Functions for Serverless applications with Docker containersAbout the AuthorChanwit Kaewkasi is a Asst. Professor at SUT and a Docker Captain. A computer scientist who led the collaborative projects, SwarmZilla, twice to form the world largest geo-distributed Docker clusters in July and October 2016. He developed a series of ARM-based clusters, called Aiyara where he has been designing for Big Data and low-power Cloud. Aiyara also serves us as a hardware platform for studying Large-Scale Software Engineering. He has been contributing to Docker Swarm to improve its quality and extend its features.

Author: Chanwit Kaewkasi

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