Do What We Did: A Guide to Making Excellent Money from Anywhere, Blogging for the SEO Industry

DO WHAT WE DID Our story is simple. Two guys, with no website or blogging experience, created a blog called, in order to publish opinions and helpful articles. Along the way they stumbled into an upcoming industry and started getting paid to post content for SEO companies. ​ After 14 months of learning we are now instructing others how to position themselves to do the same. A little bit of work and a small investment can create weekly revenue through your own blog. The time commitment is minimal and the return can be really good. ​ For those with a little extra time and want to own their own business, this is a great opportunity. You don't have to be an expert if you just Do What We Did. In Do What We Did, we walk you through: Establishing your business entity. Initial website considerations and design (you don't have to be anything even close to a pro). Social media use. Constant growth to your site's domain authority. Terminology. How to respond to the SEO's that approach you. Growing your audience. Helpful resources to use. and much more...​ We encourage all of our potential readers to ask themselves what they could do with an additional $10,000 - $50,000 a year for part time work.

Author: Brian McKay

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