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Domain Authority – you've heard it's so important. But what is it exactly?Domain authority is a fancy way of measuring the amount of credibility your website has. When this number goes up, it gives you a better chance to rank on the first page of Google when someone searches for related content. Link building is a very high factor for increasing your domain authority and ranking high in Google.How much do you have right now?After you discover more of what it is – you know you need more of it.What are some ways you can get more of it?What works and what doesn't?Can domain authority change both for the better and for the worse? How do I keep it going upwards?Unlock the secrets to discovering domain authority and how the following can affect your numbers:do follow linksno follow linksguest postslink upsbeing featuredbacklinksmissing linkssitemapslink swappingAmazon, eBay, Etsy, etc.metricscommentsFacebook groups for bloggersinterviewssearch engine optimization (SEO)social mediaand more!Do these things help you, hurt you or make no difference at all? No matter what your background is: this book is for the beginner, intermediate and advanced website owner, blogger, marketer, author, local store owner, or anyone trying to have their website show up in the top 50 pages of Google in a short period of time to grow their business, gain customers or followers and to increase sales.Google has changed in March 2018, with their Mobile First Index, and Moz was quick to follow with their new tool Link Explorer in April 2018, which is discussed in detail here. Even if your DA score went down with the new tool, this book will help you get it back up there and beyond in a quick fashion. This covers the latest updates and how to use them to your advantage.Learn all of the above and more right in this eBook. This is one of the most comprehensive Domain Authority and Internet Marketing books available. Start building backlinks to increase your DA by 30 points in less than 8 months like I did (without a single guest post). Scroll up, click buy and start the journey to higher DA today!Amy Marohl has an Associate's Degree in Marketing from WTC in La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA and is a blogger on her website at

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