Digital Strategy Part 1: Building Your Online Foundation (The Digital Strategy Series)

WHAT THE EBOOK COVERS:The eBook is designed to cover four major elements of setting up your digital foundation for future growth which are the following:Branding & Identity: Most businesses have some sort of logo or brand identity in place such as a business card or something that represents their unique identity. However in today’s highly digital world, there is a good chance that brand is not well suited for the Internet. We help you discover how to budget and build a brand that is well suited for today’s digital world.Choosing Your CMS / Development Framework: There are an infinite number of ways that you could build a website. Typically most websites are built using a prebuilt software or development framework because of the immense amount of time they will save you. However, choosing the right one for your current and future business needs is not easy. We help you look at the CMS and framework landscape so that you can make an informed decision about what platform to choose for your website.Designing your website: Design is often a pain point for most businesses when it comes to creating a quality website. We help you come up with a process that is proven to work as well as think about the budgets you will need to execute a quality design depending on the level and status of your business.Developing your website: Developing your website is often the most costly part of building your online foundation and must be taken very seriously. This eBook is meant to help you think about how you can develop your website in a cost effective way that is also scalable for the future.

Author: Isaiah Bollinger

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