DevOps in Amazon Web Services: Releasing Software to Production at Any Time with AWS

For thousands of companies, the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud is today's software development environment of choice. Now there's a complete guide to using DevOps and continuous delivery techniques on AWS -- so you can reliably deliver new features to users and customers at the click of a button.   First, leading software development consultant Paul Duvall concisely reviews DevOps' principles, culture, and goals. Next, using a realistic reference implementation, he offers detailed hands-on guidance on applying automation throughout the entire AWS cloud software delivery process. Finally, he presents up-to-date case studies of companies applying DevOps throughout their own modern development environments: from Netflix to AMC Health to the U.S. government.   Using principles, patterns, and examples you'll find here, you can make the most of DevOps and continuous delivery with today's most widely-used cloud platform. What's more, you'll master skills you can use as AWS evolves -- or with any other cloud platform you choose.

Author: Paul M. Duvall

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