DevOps for Big Data

Key FeaturesImplement DevOps on your big data environmentLearn the concepts of continuous delivery, deployment, and automation using DevOps specific toolsPractical approach towards working efficiently with your big data clusterBook DescriptionDevOps strategy has really become an important factor for Big Data enrvironment.This book will initially cover the introduction to Big Data, DevOps and Cloud computing along with need of DevOps strategy for the Big Data environment. Then we move towards DevOps framework and business scenarios for its adoption. We then build a big data cluster and deploy it on cloud followed by DevOps activities like CI/CD and containerization. Next, its Big Data concepts like ETL for data sources, Hadoop clusters and its applications. Towards the end of the book, we will explore the ERP applications useful in migrating to DevOps framework followed by few case studies on migrating Big data and prediction models.By the end of this book, you will be well versed with implementing DevOps tools and strategy for your big data cluster.What you will learnGet acquainted with the fundamentals of DevOps, BigData, Data Science and CloudLearn about the DevOps culture, the Frameworks, maturity and Design patternsApply DevOps concepts for BigData and Data science projects.Implement DevOps for a big data cluster on cloud to improve the effectiveness.Improve the efficiency by continuous Integration for Build Test and management with DevOps.Learn the concepts of configuration management automation with tools like Ansible.

Author: Sricharan Vadapalli

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