Data Recovery

One of the greatest fears of anyone using a computer, smartphone, or tablet is the loss of their data. But there is hope, even in the worst situations. This book, written by a long-time computer science professor, department chair, and author, shows how the very complexity of modern computing devices helps make data recovery possible. Most “lost” data can be recovered easily by the average user. The book contains numerous simple examples that illustrate the step-by-step data recovery process for the most popular computer operating systems and software. We’ll also show you how to help recover your lost data from smartphones and tablets, as well as any data you may have stored in “the cloud.” In some cases, the problems are more complex than can reasonably be resolved by the typical user. The book also provides information on how to tell if you need expert help to solve your data recovery problems - and you’ll have enough technical background information how to judge the capability of that supposedly expert help to make sure that the data is recovered as much as humanly possible.

Author: Ronald J. Leach

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