Data Protection with RAID: Securing Data with Redundancy for Optimum Performance

Today any business can't exist without capabilities to get instant access of information and internet. This increase in dependency on information has also increased challenges associated with storage, protection and management of data. Data Storage is one of the major requirement of any IT infrastructure system along with Computing and networking.Usually, computer systems uses Hard Disk drive as primary form of storage. Data Storage in this disk is getting faster and reliable with every discovery in technology. However, there is always a Risk of Data Loss due to Disk Failure. Having redundancy in data storage is a must have requirement to avoid any disastrous consequences. In addition to this, as most software applications have to deal with large data files, Processing or Handling of these files can be slower, if these are not stored appropriately and effectively. This will further impact performance of a system.RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) transforms a number of independent disks into a large, more reliable and capacious single entity which is done transparently. It improves system storage redundancy and provides number of levels to choose from, incorporating techniques like Striping, Mirroring and Parity. The exact level of RAID to be used basically depends on the end user. For example mirrored RAID is reliable, simple and generally provides good performance but at a high capacity cost. RAID technology has now grown from theoretical concept to an industry standard and is a common implementation in today's storage arrays. Why to Read this e-book ?Data Storage Network is considered as one of the most confusing, misunderstood and complex domain in IT industry. This is primarily due to lack of awareness about Data Storage technologies, devices, protocols, features and training. So, due to scarcity of resources available in the industry, it is one of the, always in-demand skill set in IT market. RAID technology is becoming popular in storage industry and its environment because of the cost, performance and data integrity improvements that it provides. It combines physical drivers into a logical unit and present it in a single hard drives to the operating system. This e-book has content for everyone, irrespective of expertise level, role and experience of an individual. It starts with brief introduction on different Storage Devices and Array to provide foundation to RAID concept and then proceed to address different RAID technologies and Levels with help of schematic flow diagrams.How it can help you ?"Learn here, Apply anywhere", here we are learning pure concepts, free from any vendor specific device and feature. So, concepts learned here can be applied across all vendor devices and implementation."Build or Master a Skillset", since Data Storage is one of the always in-demand and fastest trending domain in IT industry."Learn unique concepts", as Learning in-demand concepts will help you to grow both in term of knowledge, profile and career.This e-book is also available in Video format, as a part of Training course on 'Data Storage Network and Security'

Author: Nitin Kotwal

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