CSA Guide to Cloud Computing: Implementing Cloud Privacy and Security

CSA Guide to Cloud Computing brings you the most current and comprehensive understanding of cloud security issues and deployment techniques from industry thought leaders at the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA). For many years the CSA has been at the forefront of research and analysis into the most pressing security and privacy related issues associated with cloud computing. CSA Guide to Cloud Computing provides you with a one-stop source for industry-leading content, as well as a roadmap into the future considerations that the cloud presents. The authors of CSA Guide to Cloud Computing provide a wealth of industry expertise you won't find anywhere else. Author Raj Samani is the Chief Technical Officer for McAfee EMEA; author Jim Reavis is the Executive Director of CSA; and author Brian Honan is recognized as an industry leader in the ISO27001 standard. They will walk you through everything you need to understand to implement a secure cloud computing structure for your enterprise or organization.Your one-stop source for comprehensive understanding of cloud security from the foremost thought leaders in the industryInsight into the most current research on cloud privacy and security, compiling information from CSA's global membershipAnalysis of future security and privacy issues that will impact any enterprise that uses cloud computing

Author: Raj Samani

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