Creating and Selling WordPress Plugins

The first part of Creating and Selling Wordpress Plugins will walk professional and hobbyist programmers alike through all the major components of building a custom plugin. Readers will learn how to correctly structure a plugin and how to create professional administration menus. Using detailed explanations, readers will get the hang of using Javascript and Ajax correctly in Wordpress. As the guide progresses programmers will also learn how to create custom shortcodes as well as how to access the database with the plugin. Provided throughout are complete code examples showing exactly how to implement every feature discussed and these examples can be easily extended to add your own unique features. Once readers have an understanding of how to create their own plugins the second part of the book discusses how to sell those plugins online to make a healthy income. Starting out with methods for coming up with solid and profitable ideas, the book then moves onto how to make your plugins stand out from the crowd. There is detailed information on the various methods of selling plugins including using marketplaces, landing pages and social media. The goal of Creating and Selling Wordpress Plugins is to act as a primer for those new to the world of creating for Wordpress and selling software online. It is aimed at those who have at least some basic technical knowledge, though even complete beginners can benefit from the book if willing to supplement with other beginner books on web programming.

Author: Jamie Osborne

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