Comprehensive Emergency Management for Local Governments:: Demystifying Emergency Planning

This "how to" guide shows small to mid-sized local governments, whether in urban or regional settings, how to develop comprehensive emergency management plans with minimal expenditure of resources. Its modular, step-by-step approach also makes it an effective guide for non-experts and those interested in self-study. The book covers both preparedness planning and actual emergency management and includes these helpful features:Uses a modular approach to developing written plans, starting with the Preparedness Plan at the federal, provincial/state levels. At its core is the Emergency Management Plan, which is essentially the establishment and operation of the Emergency Operations Center that is central to any emergency. Instructions also cover other common plans: 1) Emergency Social Services 2) Emergency Public Information 3) Emergency Telecommunications 4) Evacuation 5) Hazard-Specific 6) Mutual Aid AgreementsTakes novice emergency planners step-by-step through the four complete processes of mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery for natural and human-made disasters.Gives tips for a staff training matrix and for developing a timetable of graduated exercises to test the written plan.Includes checklists, summaries, plan outlines, glossary, appendices that list online resources, and suggestions for career and professional development.

Author: James A. Gordon

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