Complete Guide to Open Source Big Data Stack

See a Mesos-based big data stack created and the components used. You will use currently available Apache full and incubating systems. The components are introduced by example and you learn how they work together.In the Complete Guide to Open Source Big Data Stack, the author begins by creating a private cloud and then installs and examines Apache Brooklyn. After that he uses each chapter to introduce one piece of the big data stack―sharing how to source the software and how to install it. You learn by simple example, step by step and chapter by chapter, as a real big data stack is created. The book concentrates on Apache-based systems and shares detailed examples of cloud storage, release management, resource management, processing, queuing, frameworks, data visualization, and more. What You’ll Learn Install a private cloud onto the local cluster using Apache cloud stackSource, install, and configure Apache: Brooklyn, Mesos, Kafka, and ZeppelinSee how Brooklyn can be used to install Hadoop, Cassandra, and Riak, and how data can be movedInstall and use DCOS for big data processingUse Apache Spark for big data stack data processing Who This Book Is For Developers, architects, IT project managers, database administrators, and others charged with developing or supporting a big data system. It is also for anyone interested in Hadoop or big data, and those experiencing problems with data size.

Author: Mike Frampton

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