Color Your Message: The Art of Digital Marketing & Social Media

#1 Best Seller | Color Your Message helps you get more customers!  There is an art and style to using today's colorful digital tools you need to know about to be ahead in business.  You can quickly take advantage of the author's experience who has spent over $1 million on advertising for the mere cost of a book! Discover why black and white (traditional marketing) is out and how creatively the author has you "Color Your Message" with best practices for modern day content marketing and advertising.  Every business has a message that starts with a story.  Your brand needs to have a strong web presence because 80% of the country uses Google to get found.  This book is backed up with messages, statistics and data from Google and Pew Research.  The author opens with an inspirational story about the importance of adapting to change while giving you a fresh perspective and take you along the powerful journey to improve your business outlook.  Learn efficient ways to use Google, video, websites, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, social media, keywords, content marketing, YouTube and so much more!Learn what works and what does not. Marketing is what will bring you new and returning customers.   Discover the methods Lisa uses to leverage technology with your product or service. This book helps entrepreneurs, leaders, business executives and CEO's get their greatest work into the world utilizing digital marketing tools, social media and technology right at your fingertips! WHAT YOU WILL LEARN FROM THIS BOOK: Why content marketing combined with social media is extremely powerful!How to brand your business to be purposeful and social. Why remaining status quo can make you blind to new ways of doing things. Is your company taking advantage of innovation? Business Owner Questions that will help you redefine your business.How to position your name and brand in your community and on the web. Tools to get to the top rankings of Google. Learn how communicate with Google in a language it understands. How to look at traditional and new media in a different light. The marketing and advertising you do today requires change. The Internet is Video Centric - is your marketing? Two-thirds of the world's mobile data traffic will be video by 2017. Mobile makes up more than 25 percent of YouTube's global watch time. Learn how you can leverage this technology today! Change the perspective of "I cannot do this all and still run a business." Social media is only one tool or one "color" of many to choose from. How to identify the advertising and marketing platforms that are right for you. How combining a winning strategy can help your business double or triple in growth! This is not another bland HOW-TO book - it is a book that gives a clear understanding of WHAT needs to be done and WHY! Color Your Message will add pizzazz to your business, value and brand. Caprelli tells readers why content marketing is "the new black," and encourages them to think outside of social media and take advantage of the many "colors" you can choose from. As advance readers of Caprelli's book have commented, looking at digital marketing in this fresh, new way opens up a wide range of possibilities. After reading "Color Your Message," readers are certain to feel energized and excited about a subject that can seem overwhelming. It should come as no surprise that taking an artistic approach to the subjects of online marketing and social media comes from Lisa Caprelli. In addition to an extensive career in the marketing sector - having overseen the investment of over a million dollars in advertising and marketing expenditures on behalf of numerous CEO's and business people from varied industries such as automotive, lawyer, medical, retail, etc. - Caprelli is also an acclaimed artist. Lisa Caprelli Invites You to Become An Artistic Creator of Your Online Marketing Strategy, and "Color Your Message!"

Author: Lisa Caprelli

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