Cloud Networking: Understanding Cloud-based Data Center Networks

Cloud Networking: Understanding Cloud-Based Data Center Networks explains the evolution of established networking technologies into distributed, cloud-based networks. Starting with an overview of cloud technologies, the book explains how cloud data center networks leverage distributed systems for network virtualization, storage networking, and software-defined networking. The author offers insider perspective to key components that make a cloud network possible such as switch fabric technology and data center networking standards. The final chapters look ahead to developments in architectures, fabric technology, interconnections, and more. By the end of the book, readers will understand core networking technologies and how they’re used in a cloud data center.Understand existing and emerging networking technologies that combine to form cloud data center networksExplains the evolution of data centers from enterprise to private and public cloud networks Reviews network virtualization standards for multi-tenant data center environmentsIncludes cutting-edge detail on the latest switch fabric technologies from the networking team in Intel

Author: Gary Lee

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