Cloud Native Infrastructure: How to Build and Manage Modern Scalable Infrastructure

If you’re considering the use of cloud native applications and microservices, you also need an infrastructure with the same elasticity and scalability of the applications they’re running. This practical guide shows you how to design and maintain infrastructure capable of managing the full lifecycle of these implementations.Engineers Justin Garrison (Walt Disney Animation Studios) and Kris Nova (Dies, Inc.) reveal hard-earned lessons on architecting infrastructure for massive scale and best in class monitoring, alerting, and troubleshooting. The authors focus on Cloud Native Computing Foundation projects and explain where each is crucial to managing modern applications.Understand the fundamentals of cloud native application design, and how it differs from traditional application designLearn how cloud native infrastructure is different from traditional infrastructureManage application lifecycles running on cloud native infrastructure, using Kubernetes for application deployment, scaling, and upgradesMonitor cloud native infrastructure and applications, using fluentd for logging and prometheus + graphana for visualizing dataDebug running applications and learn how to trace a distributed application and dig deep into a running system with OpenTracing

Author: Justin Garrison

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