Cloud Native Development Patterns and Best Practices

Key FeaturesGet started with building the responsive, resilient, elastic, secure and adaptive cloud-native systemsUnderstand the architectural patterns involved with cloud native architectureMinimize risk by evolving your monolithic applications into a distributed cloud native systemsBook DescriptionCloud-native development is a modern approach to building and running applications that leverages the merits of the cloud computing model. With cloud-native development, applications can be delivered faster and in a more agile way than traditional applications. This book is going to focus on the architectural patterns to help your Cloud native app development. This book will show you how the cloud, microservices, event-driven-architecture, and automation come together to facilitate the continuous delivery of innovation to customers.You'll begin by learning the core concepts that make these systems unique and how their anatomy makes them responsive, resilient and elastics. You will find foundational patterns that turn the database inside out via event streaming to achieve massive scale with cloud native databases. You will find out how cloud native variations on common patterns help you look at your systems from a different perspective. You will also find out how to continuously deliver with confidence by shifting deployments all the way to the left and shifting testing not just to the left, but all the way to the right into production to provide continuous observability. But there's more - you will learn how to strangle you monolith as well as design you new cloud native system to be strangled in the future.By the end of the book you will have the full ability to create building modern distributed cloud native systems.What you will learnBuild responsive, resilient, elastic and message driven systemsEnable massive scale by turning your database inside outUnleash flexibility via event streamingLeverage polyglot persistence and cloud native databasesEmbrace modern continuous delivery and testing techniquesMinimize risk by evolving your monoliths to cloud nativePurpose of cloud-native patterns, the problems they address, when they are applicable, the benefits and drawbacks of each pattern and the related patterns

Author: John Gilbert

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