Cloud Foundry for Developers

Key FeaturesGain hands-on experience of using cloud foundry in production.Implement deployment, management and scaling of applications on your cloudLearn best practices and troubleshooting tips for using cloud foundry in the best way possible.Book DescriptionCloud foundry is an open source platform to deploy, run, and scale applications which is a part of Pivotal software backed by Dell technologies. Cloud foundry has been growing recently and is predicted to be the leading platform providing PaaS. Industry giants like IBM and HP have been using Cloud foundry for deploying and scaling cloud-native applications.This book will take readers on a journey where they would first learn the Cloud Foundry basics, including how to deploy and scale a simple application in seconds. Readers will then build knowledge of how to create cloud native applications and microservices that run and scale well on Cloud Foundry. Readers will learn how to integrate our applications with services like RabbitMQ and MySQL. After that we'll discuss aspects of continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD), security, monitoring and logging. Readers will also learn how to enable health checks, troubleshoot and debug applications.By the end of this book, Readers will have hands-on experience of performing various deployment and scaling task on cloud foundry.What you will learnUnderstand the Cloud Foundry (CF) tools and concepts.Understand the breadth of possibilities unleashed through a lightweight agile approach to building and deploying applications.Design and deploy cloud native applications and services that run well on Cloud Foundry.Connect your application to services like databases (SQL and NoSQL), messaging, object stores (like Amazon S3) and many more.Perform zero-downtime deployments using blue/green routes, A/B testing, and painless rollbacks to earlier versions of the application.

Author: Rick Farmer

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