Cloud FinOps: Collaborative, Real-Time Cloud Financial Management

Applying traditional spend management processes to the cloud will lead to companies losing control of costs and interrupting innovation. Whether you’re new to managing cloud spend or a seasoned pro, this book will clarify the often misunderstood workings of cloud billing. You’ll learn expert strategies for creating a culture of cloud cost management.Drawing on real-world examples of successes and failures of large-scale cloud spenders, this book outlines a road map for building a culture of Cloud FinOps in your organization. Beginning with fundamental cloud billing concepts, tech execs, finance teams, DevOps leaders, and FinOps practitioners will learn how to build an efficient and effective FinOps machine.Learn how the cloud works when it comes to financial managementSet up a FinOps team and build a framework for making spend efficiency a priorityExamine the anatomy of a cloud bill and learn how to manage itGet operational recipes for maximizing cloud efficiencyMotivate engineering teams to take cost-saving actionsExplore the FinOps lifecycle: inform, optimize, and operateLearn the DNA of a highly functional Cloud FinOps culture

Author: J. R. Storment

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