Cloud Development with WildFly: WildFly Swarm and OpenShift

Develop modern, cloud-oriented applications using WildFly Swarm and OpenShiftKey FeaturesCreate step-by-step functional and modular Cloud Applications with WildFlyIntegrate OpenShift to get the best cloud development environmentMonitor, manage, and automate your application modules efficientlyBook DescriptionThe book will start with the current state of Java EE and its relevance to cloud development, along with the tools and technologies used throughout the book. You will get the initial taste of WildFly Swarm by developing and deploying the first application using it. You will also learn how to create a more complicated example using a wider array of Java EE technologies and Swarm by extending the previous application and tuning the configuration of your services.Moving along, you will deploy your applications in the cloud and add necessary dependencies, database configuration, and configure scalability to your application with OpenShift. You will also learn how to use Kubernetes discovery and load-balancing to connect services, along with the usage of Hystrix to add resilience and fault tolerance to your application.You will learn what continuous Integration is, how its concepts can be achieved using Jenkins server, and use Keycloak management tools to configure authentication data. By the end of the book, you would have a fully functional, example application and will gain practical knowledge about Java EE cloud development, which can be used as a reference for your further projectsWhat you will learnUtilize Java EE technology to develop modern cloud-enabled applicationsLearn how easily you can create microservices with WildFly Swarm using proven Java EE technologiesBenefits of OpenShift - easy deployment of your services, out of the box scalability and healing, integration with Continuous Integration toolsIntegrate the sample application with Jenkins- Continuous Integration serverUtilize Netflix OSS to connect your services and provide resilience to your applicationProvide security to your application using KeycloakWhat is Hawkular and how it can be used to monitor distributed applications.Who This Book Is ForIf you're an experienced developer familiar with Java EE technologies and would like to learn how you can use those technologies in the cloud with WildFly and OpenShift, then this book is for you.

Author: Tomasz Adamski

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