Cloud Design Fundamentals: Cloud Multilayered Design and Security for Network Engineers (Design Series)

Cloud Design Fundamentals is an essential reference for network engineers and systems engineers. The book explains methodologies, principles and techniques used for migrating and integrating the enterprise and cloud network. There is a discussion of cloud deployment models. In addition traditional and newer cloud-based architectures are compared. There is a chapter with technical subject matter relevant to cloud migration. That includes coverage of WAN protocols, optimization features, campus design, virtualization and cloud security solutions. Newer features and protocols are explained including OTV, SecureX, vPath and FabricPath. The virtual appliances include CSR 1000V router, Nexus 1000V for VMware switch, vWAAS, ASA 1000V cloud firewall and NetScaler 1000V load balancer. The multilayered design approach is comprised of virtual campus design, application and data redundancy, internet connectivity, application services, cloud security, configuration workflow and management. The audience will learn how to apply the multilayered design strategy with case study examples and quizzes for cloud deployments.

Author: Shaun Hummel

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