Cloud Computing: Architecture and Programmability

Cloud Computing: Architecture and Programmability is a technical guide for network, systems and security engineers. The technical skills required are changing rapidly with SDN applications that enable orchestration and automation of applications and services. The physical and virtual appliances are now programmable through open APIs and controllers. The network is globally managed across public and private clouds. The proliferation of applications and demand for cloud services such as workload mobility is causing the traffic shift from enterprise to cloud. The virtualization of servers and network devices is causing an overlap of management domains for network and systems groups. The network devices and applications now reside at cloud servers as virtual machines. Dynamic context-based security is required to support the internet-based model for connecting cloud endpoints. The server-centric paradigm shift is redefining how network capacity is managed as well. Real-time analysis of operational state and programmability is enabling the automation of network services. Network Programmability Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud Cisco Open Network Environment Orchestration and Automation vPath and Service Chaining Multilayer Cyber Security Managing Cloud Infrastructure Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN)

Author: Shaun Hummel

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