Cloud Computing. Adoption Challenges, Green Operations, Private & Public Implementations

Literature Review from the year 2017 in the subject Computer Science - Internet, New Technologies, grade: B, Athabasca University (School of Computing and Information Systems), course: Cloud Computing, language: English, abstract: This paper provides a comprehensive literature review of case studies and research done on the opportunities and challenges in the adoption of cloud computing as well as its green operations and the applicability on private and public sectors. This paper summarize the key factors affecting cloud adoption and the reasons for its slow adoption due to several problem areas that are identified in the researches that seems to be blocking its widespread adoption, the green operations where its sustainability is being questioned and the demand to find solution to win the battle against carbon emissions is growing bigger due to its operations on larger scale. In this context, a review of recent researches will be highlighted in this paper to reflect upon cloud sustainability and its operational efficiency. Justifications are needed to support the idea that cloud computing is a green option, usage of massive data centers and e-waste material disposal strategies such as devices that are reaching end-of-life at one place can be used somewhere else (nationally/ internationally). A Case study of the application of cloud computing in public and private sector from the assignment 3 will be shared to define the shift of the cloud computing in the sectors. Author has expressed his doubt that private companies are capitalizing on the idea of cloud computing for their financial growth whereas public sector is finding it beneficial, easier and less burdensome towards more effective in information management. Some real life examples are shared in this paper for comparative analysis and to discuss the applicability from the return on investment perspective like Amazons early move made it the pioneer and its AWS now taking lead in public cloud adoption. Fina

Author: Naqi Khan

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