Cloud-Based Cyber-Physical Systems in Manufacturing

This book presents state-of-the-art research, challenges and solutions in the area of cloud-based cyber-physical systems (CPS) used in manufacturing. It provides a comprehensive review of the literature and an in-depth treatment of novel methodologies, algorithms and systems in the area of architecture design, cyber security, process planning, monitoring and control. The book features detailed descriptions of how to derive solutions in a cloud environment where physical machines can be supported by cyber decision systems when engaged in real operations. It presents a range of novel ideas and is characterized by a balanced approach in terms of scope vs. depth and theory vs. applications. It also takes into account the need to present intellectual challenges while appealing to a broad readership, including academic researchers, practicing engineers and managers, and graduate students. Dedicated to the topic of cloud-based CPS and its practical applications in manufacturing, this book benefits readers from all manufacturing sectors, from system design to lifecycle engineering and from process planning to machine control. It also helps readers to understand the present challenges and future research directions towards factories of the future, helping them to position themselves strategically for career development.

Author: Lihui Wang

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