CASA Marketing: Intro to Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Digital marketing is a top skill for getting hired. Learn search engine optimization from friendly top-rated expert Dr. Todd Kelsey, PhD. Easy to understand, conversational language. This book is part of the CASA series: (C)Content/SEO (A)Adwords/Search Engine Marketing (S)Social Media Marketing (A)Analytics. CASA is a focused, integrated approach that has helped thousands of learners better understand digital marketing, strengthen their current jobs, and be competitive in getting interviews and seeking work. The goal of the CASA series is to make it as easy and enjoyable as possible to explore digital marketing topics, and to focus on getting maximum return on investment. The style of writing is conversational, with a focus on fun, wherever possible. Book Overview: An easy to understand introduction to the most important aspects of search engine optimization, including understanding basic concepts like keywords, the importance of quality content, as well as tips and strategies to help you hit the ground running. There's also an introduction on how to pursue SEO-related certifications, including a special $750 discount on an industry leading SEO certification, which can strengthen your current career, or help you get an interview and a job! What this book is not: in-depth, comprehensive, or trying to cover every tool or platform (an impossible task). What this book is: easy to understand introduction to the most important tools and skills in search engine optimization. Each chapter discusses helpful resources and important issues to keep in mind, to help you hit the ground running. -- CH1 - Introduction - general introduction SEO and resources to help you get acquainted CH2 - Skillbox - Content - a look at several tools and ways to try "hands on" content development as part of learning SEO, including Blogger and Google Sites, free easy to use tools. CH3 - SEO Basics - The basics of search engine optimization and their relative importance. CH4 - Keyword Research - An introduction to keywords, and how to do research for SEO purposes. CH5 - Try SEO - Several hands on exercises for trying different aspects of SEO. CH6 - Analyze How Things Are Going - an introduction to methods of measuring the impact of SEO, including fun ways to check search rank, hunt for duplicate content, and a look at Google Analytics. CH7 - Explore Webmaster Tools/Search Console - a look at a commonly used, core tool for SEO. CH8 - Keeping Up With Changes - discussion of the importance of "learning how to learn" and an introduction to several industry resources. CH9 - Exploring SEO Certification - discussion of several options for seeking SEO certification, including a deep discount on a leading industry certification.

Author: Todd Kelsey

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Categories: SEO