Building Tools with GitHub: Customize Your Workflow

For your next project on GitHub, take advantage of the service’s powerful API to meet your unique development requirements. This practical guide shows you how to build your own software tools for customizing the GitHub workflow. Each hands-on chapter is a compelling story that walks you through the tradeoffs and considerations for building applications on top of various GitHub technologies.If you’re an experienced programmer familiar with GitHub, you’ll learn how to build tools with the GitHub API and related open source technologies such as Jekyll (site builder), Hubot (NodeJS chat robot), and Gollum (wiki).Build a simple Ruby server with Gist API command-line tools and Ruby’s "Octokit" API clientUse the Gollum command-line tool to build an image management applicationBuild a GUI tool to search GitHub with PythonDocument interactions between third-party tools and your codeUse Jekyll to create a fully-featured blog from material in your GitHub repositoryCreate an Android mobile application that reads and writes information into a Jekyll repositoryHost an entire single-page JavaScript application on GitHubUse Hubot to automate pull request reviews

Author: Chris Dawson

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