Building Microservices with ASP.NET Core: Develop, Test, and Deploy Cross-Platform Services in the Cloud

Pick up best patterns and practices for building microservices with ASP.NET Core—the new, improved, cross-platform reincarnation of ASP.NET. With this practical guide, you’ll not only learn how to integrate many factors of cloud native application development into your own projects, you’ll also learn disciplines and strategies for building horizontally scalable services.Author Kevin Hoffman emphasizes continuous delivery of immutable releases for building services and applications. You’ll learn how to use tools such as GitHub; CI products like Wercker or CircleCI; and Docker to continuously build, test, and deliver your application to local and cloud environments..Once you’ve gotten your feet wet creating services, Kevin covers advanced concepts like security, externalized configuration through servers, service discovery via DNS or tools like Netflix Eureka, and patterns like Event Sourcing.

Author: Kevin Hoffman

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