Building Exceptional Sites with WordPress & Thesis: A php[architect] Guide

Need to build customized, secure, search-engine-friendly sites with advanced features quickly and easily? Learn how with this guide to WordPress and the Thesis theme. WordPress is more than a blogging platform—it powers one-fifth of the Web. Since its release, enthusiastic contributors have pushed the envelope in using WordPress as a platform to build social networks, e-commerce storefronts, and more. However, the ecosystem of plugins and themes is vast and can be overwhelming to sift through, especially if you're new to it. Building Exceptional Sites with WordPress & Thesis is a practical guide to using WordPress with the Thesis theme to provide an flexible and customizable foundation for building a wide variety of websites without requiring much—or any—programming. This book explains how to customize pages using Thesis and provides a survey of must-have plugins to help your website track and understand your website traffic analytics, harden your site’s security and defenses against hackers, improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO), stay in communication with your users via email, handle e-commerce, offer tiered access to your site, and more. Written by PHP professional Peter MacIntyre, this book distills his experience building online solutions for other WordPress site builders, developers, and designers to leverage.

Author: Peter MacIntyre

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