Budget Marketing (Give Your Marketing a Digital Edge)

Learn How to Start and Market an Online Business with Little or Zero Marketing BudgetThe Internet literally offers thousands of free solutions that will support your marketing and advertising campaign.Why pay for online tools when there are fantastic free ones available that will greatly benefit your business and that cost you absolutely nothing?Budget Marketing: How to Start & Market an Online Business with Little or Zero Marketing Budget will take you through some of the best tools available to build and market your business online--as opposed to those that appear free, but that have hidden costs if you want to use them for effective commercial purposes. It also provides the top tips you need to digitally succeed and gives you a host of useful links to online resources. "In the information age even small businesses need a web presence. If that entire statement is gibberish to you, you need this book," says reviewer S. Coyne. "Packed with information ranging from why your small business needs a website, all the way to what social network you should spend you time on, this book is a great primer."Reviewer Liam Ringmol states, "This book is a complete guide for putting your business on the internet, from buying a domain name and putting up a site, to marketing the site with all the variety of ways available on the web today. If you are a complete newby when it comes to this, an ebook like this gives you an overview of the way it is being done today. The author does a good job of taking you step by step through the process. I like how she explained each step, and listed the items you needed to take care of. This is a good place to start."Tags: online marketing, online business, digital business, digital marketing, internet marketing, small business, free tools, online promotion, website design and development, wordpress, online advertising, adwords, search engine optimization, social media sites, digital content marketing, affiliate marketing.

Author: Gabriela Taylor

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