Blogging For Self-Publishers: The tools you need to grow and succeed

Once upon time, traditional publishers had to spend a lot of time writing their books, doing research, editing drafts (without having the modern tools we have today), and of course, they weren't able to make too much money. Yes, it's sad and unfair for popular writers like Jules Verne or William Shakespeare to barely make a living out of their writing. Like most of the writers, they've become popular and their work has been appreciated just after they passed away. Totally unfair, they were simply brilliant. Self-publishing is not the only profitable market today, a lot of businesses that focus on the Internet are profitable and generally have a big potential of success. Most of the online businesses are successful because they're using a few tools which, in my opinion, are crucial. Tools like: • a blog/website • an email list • lead magnets • search engines • social media • adverts • outsourcing services • online platforms In this small booklet, I will mainly discuss blogging and how to use/build your blog if you are a self-publisher (and not only).

Author: Ryan Stevens

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