AWS Networking Cookbook

Key FeaturesGet a firm hold on AWS networking concepts with AWS Networking Cookbook.Design and implement highly available connectivity and multi-regioned AWS solutionsA recipe-based guide that will eliminate the complications of AWS networking.Book DescriptionThis book will initiate with practical recipes on fundamentals of cloud networking gradually moving towards components of configuring networks and implementing infrastructure automation. This book will then dive deep into recipes on networking components like Network Interface, Internet Gateways, DNS, Elastic IP addresses, and VPN CloudHub. Later, this book will also delve into designing, implementing, and optimizing static and dynamic routing architectures, multi-region solutions, and highly available connectivity for your enterprise.Finally, this book will teach you to troubleshoot your VPC's network, increasing your VPC's efficiency. By the end of this book, you will have advanced knowledge of AWS networking concepts and technologies along with implementing infrastructure automation and optimizing your VPC.What you will learnCreate basic network in AWSCreate production grade network in AWSCreate global scale network in AWSSecurity and Compliance with AWS NetworkBest practices, limitations of AWS networkPricing model of AWS network components

Author: Satyajit Das

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