AWS Development Essentials

Design and build flexible, highly scalable, and cost-effective applications using Amazon Web ServicesAbout This BookIntegrate and use AWS services in an applicationReduce the development time and billing cost using the AWS billing and management consoleThis is a fast-paced tutorial that will cover application deployment using various tools along with best practices for working with AWS servicesWho This Book Is ForThis book is intended for expert programmers and architects who want to learn how to migrate the existing infrastructure to AWS Cloud and start using AWS services in all application tiers. Basic knowledge of Java and competence in cloud computing will be needed to follow the examples in this book.What You Will Learn Set up the AWS plugin and perform AWS operations in Eclipse IDE Install, configure, and perform AWS operations using AWS SDK Configure Amazon Relational Database Service and use it in your application backend Deploy and manage web applications using Amazon Elastic Beanstalk Design and send notifications to multiple devices and endpoints Create and use AWS services in an isolated network Integrate all AWS services in a web application In DetailThis book is a fast-paced guide to help you with architecture systems and solve technical problems using the latest cloud computing technologies.Starting with the introduction to AWS, you will learn about identifying key AWS storage options, Amazon EBS, Amazon S3 bucket creation, and sample code and libraries. You will learn about computing and networking services using Amazon EBS and EC2 instances. You will efficiently be able to manage services and databases using DynamoDB and understand the key aspects of Amazon RDS. You will also learn about deployment and maintenance using Amazon CloudWatch metrics and alarms, Amazon Identity and Access Management (IAM), and AWS Elastic Beanstalk. Finally, you will explore service object models and the baseline concept of SNS and SQS, and then build an app using these new skills. By the end of this book, you will have learned how to effectively manage your application on AWS by using the AWS SDKs and APIs, as well as the AWS Management Console.

Author: Prabhakaran Kuppusamy

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