AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Practice Tests 2019: 390 AWS Practice Exam Questions with Answers & detailed Explanations

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification is extremely valuable in the Cloud Computing industry today and represents knowledge that is a prerequisite for many job roles.The latest CLF-C01 exam is a foundation level exam that nonetheless includes tricky questions that test your knowledge and experience working with Amazon Web Services. Our practice tests are patterned to reflect the difficulty of the AWS exam and are the closest to the real AWS exam experience available anywhere.There are 6 practice exams with 65 questions each covering the five domains of the AWS exam blueprint. Each set of questions is repeated once without answers and explanations, and once with answers and explanations, so you get to choose from two methods of preparation:To simulate the exam experience and assess your exam readiness, use the “PRACTICE QUESTIONS ONLY” sets.To use the practice questions as a learning tool, use the “PRACTICE QUESTIONS, ANSWERS & EXPLANATIONS” sets to view the answers and read the in-depth explanations as you move through the questions.With more than 20 years of experience in the IT industry, Neal Davis is a true expert in virtualization and cloud computing. Neal's practice tests have been used by over 20,000 students and are highly regarded for their quality and similarity to the real AWS exam.These Practice Questions will prepare you for your AWS exam in the following ways:• Master the latest exam pattern: All 390 practice questions are based on the CLF-C01 exam blueprint and use the question format of the real AWS exam. • 6 sets of exam-difficulty practice questions: Presented with and without answers so you can study or simulate an exam. • Ideal exam prep tool that will shortcut your study time: Assess your exam readiness to maximize your chance of passing the AWS exam first time.The exam covers a broad set of technologies and it’s vital to ensure you are armed with the knowledge to answer whatever questions come up in your certification exam, so we recommend reviewing these practice questions until you’re confident in all areas and ready to ace your AWS exam.

Author: Neal Davis

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