Automating Security in the Cloud: Modernizing Governance through Security Design

Automate the fundamental structure of your cloud account with reliable coded security and governance in an Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment. This practical guide shows security professionals, DevOps teams, and others responsible for securing workloads in the cloud how to capture, secure, and control specific infrastructure control elements.You’ll learn how to deploy security compliant processes for IT elements, such as pre-defining and constraining the design of AWS Identify and Access Management (IAM), AWS Key Management Services (KMS), and AWS CloudTrail. The result is a formalized, repeatable, and verifiable process for automating governance workflows to construct, implement, and run secure workloads through directed, trustworthy, and ratified governance automations in the cloud.Learn how to design and automate security-leading practice for an AWS secure account set-up and security architectureAccelerate secure adoption of AWS services through automated prevent and detect controlsGalvanize the use of partner’s services through integration, targeted guidanceTrain security practitioners on Modernizing Technology Governance preparations, training, and methods for automating AWS account design

Author: Tim Sandage

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