An SEO Checklist: A step-by-step plan for fixing SEO problems with your web site (Webmaster Series) (Volume 2)

By author of the Amazon bestseller - SEO 2013 & Beyond. Pre-Panda and pre-Penguin, Google tolerated certain activities. Post-Panda and post-Penguin, they don’t. As a result, they are now enforcing their Webmaster Guidelines which is something that SEOs never really believed Google would do! Essentially, Google have became far less tolerant of activities that they see as rank manipulation. As webmasters, we have been given a choice. Stick to Google’s rules, or lose out on free traffic from the world’s biggest search engine. Those that had abused the rules in the past got a massive shock. Their website, which may have been at the top of Google for several years, dropped like a stone. Rankings gone, overnight! To have any chance of recovery, you MUST clean up that site. However, for most people, trying to untangle the SEO mess that was built up over several years is not always easy. Where do you start? That's why this book was written. It provides a step-by-step plan to fix a broken site. This book contains detailed checklists plus an explanation of why those things are important. The checklists in this book are based on the SEO that I use on a daily basis. It’s the SEO I teach my students, and it’s the SEO that I know works. For those that embrace the recent changes, SEO has actually become easier as we no longer have to battle against other sites whose SEO was done 24/7 by an automated tool or an army of cheap labor. Those sites have largely been removed, and that levels the playing field. If you have a site that lost rankings, this book gives you a step-by-step plan and checklist to fix problems that are common causes of ranking penalties. Who am I? If you want to learn more about me and why I am qualified to talk about SEO, visit my website at Read some of the stuff I've written, and read some of the stuff my readers have written about me....

Author: Dr. Andy Williams

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