Amazon Web Services in Action

Summary Amazon Web Services in Action, Second Edition is a comprehensive introduction to computing, storing, and networking in the AWS cloud. You'll find clear, relevant coverage of all the essential AWS services you to know, emphasizing best practices for security, high availability and scalability. Foreword by Ben Whaley, AWS community hero and author. Purchase of the print book includes a free eBook in PDF, Kindle, and ePub formats from Manning Publications. About the Technology The largest and most mature of the cloud platforms, AWS offers over 100 prebuilt services, practically limitless compute resources, bottomless secure storage, as well as top-notch automation capabilities. This book shows you how to develop, host, and manage applications on AWS. About the Book Amazon Web Services in Action, Second Edition is a comprehensive introduction to deploying web applications in the AWS cloud. You'll find clear, relevant coverage of all essential AWS services, with a focus on automation, security, high availability, and scalability. This thoroughly revised edition covers the latest additions to AWS, including serverless infrastructure with AWS Lambda, sharing data with EFS, and in-memory storage with ElastiCache. What's inside Completely revised bestsellerSecure and scale distributed applicationsDeploy applications on AWSDesign for failure to achieve high availabilityAutomate your infrastructure About the Reader Written for mid-level developers and DevOps engineers. About the Author Andreas Wittig and Michael Wittig are software engineers and DevOps consultants focused on AWS. Together, they migrated the first bank in Germany to AWS in 2013. Table of Contents PART 1 - GETTING STARTED What is Amazon Web Services? A simple example: WordPress in five minutesPART 2 - BUILDING VIRTUAL INFRASTRUCTURE CONSISTING OF COMPUTERS AND NETWORKING Using virtual machines: EC2 Programming your infrastructure: The command-line, SDKs, and CloudFormation Automating deployment: CloudFormation, Elastic Beanstalk, and OpsWorks Securing your system: IAM, security groups, and VPC Automating operational tasks with Lambda PART 3 - STORING DATA IN THE CLOUDStoring your objects: S3 and Glacier Storing data on hard drives: EBS and instance store Sharing data volumes between machines: EFS Using a relational database service: RDSCaching data in memory: Amazon ElastiCache Programming for the NoSQL database service: DynamoDB PART 4 - ARCHITECTING ON AWSAchieving high availability: availability zones, auto-scaling, and CloudWatch Decoupling your infrastructure: Elastic Load Balancing and Simple Queue Service Designing for fault tolerance Scaling up and down: auto-scaling and CloudWatch

Author: Andreas Wittig

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